My third time on cinema!

hey guys, today me and my friend Susanna was at the cinema watching Twilight, it was my third time and I just realized that's I want to see it again soon, on the cinema, because it's so much better then watching this crappy download I have on my computer, so I bought myself this card, so I can go for half price three times on cinema so good. It only cost me 12 crowns, haha. But twilight was so god, as always. I can't wait until my dvd comes from the USA can't it be mars 21th now?

After that the whole family (me, mum, dad, micke, peter, jenny and jackie) ate cream bun, because its the cream bun's day today! I don't really like it, but my mother had baked them and it was the best cream bun I ever have ever eaten. It's been a great day, and tomorrow I'm going to dye my hair. yey. But more about that tomorrow, Good night!

My other blog about Rob

Hey guys, I want to tell you about my other blog, some of you already know but I want to make sure that everyone knows. Its a blog about Robert Pattinson, it's kind of a test blog, don't know for sure if I'm going to have it forever, I'm gonna test it a wile and se if they are any intrest in reading it. So it's up to you guys. So here you can find it, or just click on the picture and you will get there.

Translation. Tänkte berätta om min andra blogg, den om Robert Pattinson, vet inte om alla känner till den, iaf. Här har ni den, besök den gärna. De lite av en test blogg just nu, finns inget intresse bland er läsare att läsa den så är det ingen mening. Så de up till er. Klicka på bilden om ni vill till bloggen. Nu ska jag iväg och gå på bio och se twilight!

OBS:!! från och med på fredag kommer man inte kunna använda! den sidan kommer låsas av och jag kommer inte kunna uppdatera där. Men eftersom jag bloggar för spotlife nu och har gjort de i ett år så håller de på att utforma en helt ny platt form. Så länge ni bara använder så kommer inga problem uppstå för er. Så använd inte gamla adressen bara den nya

Late morning today

Good morning guys, you probably know why I'm not awake until know, Oscars last night was fantastic, and I don't regret at all watching it until 06.05 am. But know this day is almost over, haha. I have to look trough some homework stuff today, but I can't find the papers, It just hit me that I have allot to do, and it's not right. I hate the Swedish school system. I'm probably going to watch some episodes of One tree hill too, but first I need to find my home work papers and look them trough. Hope your having a great day.

Translation. Ni vet säkert varför jag inte gått upp förens nu, oscars galan var fantastisk och jag ångrar inte att jag stannade uppe tills 06.05 imorse. Måste plugga lite idag, har för mkt plugg, hatar svenska skol systemet. Ska även se några OTh avsnitt.

Best at the Oscar's red carpet

The best woman outfit at the Oscars red carpet is Naalie Portman wearing, a pink dress by Rodarte. Simple but still such a amazing dress, love the lines and the colour. It would be a dream to wear something like this for me. Natalie's dress is the winner tonight without almost any competition accordning to me.

The best man outfit at the Oscars red carpet is Robert Pattinson wearing. A nice clean stylish Dolce & Gabbana tuxedo. Love the lines and the simble touch. Robert is lookig incredible handsome tonight, nice to see him back at the red carpet there he belongs and always show off like a star in out standing outfits.

Exept from a lovely show at the red carpet, it's a lovely and very entertaining show, so all creds to the Oscars awards, it's a amazing night and the are mixing humor with music numbers on stage. I hope you guys are watching, if you like to have more info about Robert and his night at the Oscars, visit my other blog here. Have great night!

Snow all over the place

Snow snow snow, I did a snowlantern today.

It's so beautiful when it's dark outside

So much snow, it's so nice when the snow is laying down on the trees.

Tree in the sky, almost. Snow all over the place

Hey guys, today has been a calm nice day. Spend some time with my mum, right know we are watching DH, it's a really great show. Exept from doing a snowlantern and watching DH I've been working allot on my design on my new blog. A blog just about Robert Pattinson, I think it's looks really good and I'm gonna enjoy it so much. If you like Robert visit my blog here. Tonight it's Oscars adwards and I'm going to watch it, Robert it's going to divide a award, 23.55 is the time to remember if you want to see it, and cannel nine. Have a great night!

Translation. Idag har varit en lugn dag, spenderat tid med mamma. Just nu ser vi på desperata hemmafurar, har även gjort en snölykta. Förutom de har jag jobbat jättemycket på min nya design på min nya blogg om Robert Pattinson, den första bloggen om honom på svenska. Gillar ni honom, spana in min blogg. Ikväll är de oscars galan, sjävklart ska jag kolla, Robert ska dela ut pris. 23.55 börjar det, kanal9. Ha en trevlig kväll!

Good morning Sunday!

Good morning guys. So nice to finally have time to rest. Just sleeeeep. Today is my mothers nameday! Yey, all congratulations to my mum. Today is going to be a nice day, just relax spend some time with my mum, and maybe watch some episodes of One tree hill, my new habbit. But its my mothers day today so she will deside. Know I need to go upstairs to eat some breakfast. Have a dubble great day guys!

Translation. Godmorgon, så skönt att sova ut. Idag är det min mammas namnsdag, stort grattis till henne. Idag kommer vara en lugn dag, spendera tid med mamma. Kanske se ngt avsnitt av One tree hill, men mamma får bestämma. Nu ska jag äta frukost, ha en bra dag!

Tonight's outfit

♥ Jacket - Chicy
♥ Bag - Gina tricot
♥ Tights - Topshop
♥ Skirt - Gina
♥ Cardigan - HM
♥ Linen - Gina
♥ Necklace - Guldfynd
♥ Earrings - Skanstull
♥ Watch - Uropenn

Hey guys, back from a night out. Had a great time, I met some new people and we had a fun night. It was a pretty lame party, no one was dancing so. But some of us had a great time. That's why I'm back so early, the party never started, just a bunch of drunk people laying down on the sofa, so. But you know me, I'm not drinking, so I had a nice evening. We played cards something called bear game, I played it with water, haha. It was a great time, and know I'm gonna hit the bed and watch some episodes of One tree hill. Good night guys!

Tillbaka från en utekväll. Vi hade roligt, även om festen va lite halv tråkig. Ingen dansade, alla bara satt där och drack. Men vi hade kul endå, träffade på nytt härligt folk. Som sagt så dricker ju inte jag, men jag hade kul endå. Vi spelade ölspelet, fast jag med vatten, haha Skulle tagit med mig ngt roligare. Men vi hade en trevlig kävll, nu ska jag kolla på One tree hill, godnatt!

Saturday shopping

Hey guys, back from the mall. I've been running some errands and then I couldn't help by some things at the same time, haha. It's just the way I've been born. But the skirt was very cheap, only 99 crowns. And then I bought bamboo earrings, I'm in love with them, now I have hearts and rings in both silver and gold, four pair. But I was leaving back another pair I got for valentine's day, and the distinction my mum gave me. And then also a dip liner from hm for 49 crowns, and we had a discount patch on 50 so I didn't have to pay. Tonight I'm going to a party with my friend Jessica. Have a nice evening guys.

Translation. Tillbaka från gallerian, sprang några ärenden och lyckades omedvetet få med mig lite saker hem, hehe. Bambo örhängen från glitter, kjol från gina och en dip liner från hm. Ikväll ska jag på partaj med min kompis Jessica, ha en trevlig kväll!

The twilight saga collection

My love, my everything. Oh, I'm so happy can't express myself, today I bought the twilight saga collection and I'm so happy to finally have it by my side. It's been out of stock for a very long time, but know finally they got some of them in again, and I bought my love. It's the four books in the twilight saga, twilight, new moon, eclipse and breaking dawn. I've been reading the two first books in the story but in Swedish, not eclipse and breaking dawn, as I sad, I'm gonna wait until new moon hits the cinema. Except for the wonderful books I also got four pictures with the front of the books on, so cute. 745 crowns on science fiction bookstore! Love

Translation. Åh, min kärlek. Kan inte beskriva känslan, idag köpte jag the twilight saga collection. Jag har stått i kö länge och nu fick de äntligen in den igen, så jag köpte den direkt. De är alla fyra böckerna i serien på engelska, har bara läst ettan och tvåan en så länge, eftersom jag väntar tills new moon kommer ut. Fick även med fyra bilder med framsidan på. Köpte boxen för 745 på Science fiction bokhandeln.

Spring break

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Bag - Halens
♥ Vest - Only
♥ Leggings - Ellos
♥ Shoes - Crete
♥ Watch - Uropenn
♥ Necklace - Guldfynd
♥ Neclaace n2 - Mum's
♥ Earrings - Skanstull

Hey guys, I'm so relived that spring break is finally here. I really need it. I'm so tired right know, but I can't keep my mind of all the studying I need to do, I hate when they put things over a break, when are we supposed to relax if we even can't be free for our break? The Swedish school system sucks. I had a fun time today at our last lesson, me and Caroline did some dancing moves in the back when we were supposed to watch a movie. Know I'm gonna lay back for a while i my bed watching my love One tree hill. Here you have my outfit for today.

Translation. Så skönt att lovet är här, är så trött. Har mycket plugg, måste dom lägga sånt över lovet? när är de meningen att vi ska vila då?. Haft en bra dag iskolan iaf. Nu ska jag chilla lite och kolla på One tree hill.

Nothing beat black and white

Good morning guys, have to run to school. I'm not late, but I will be if write to mutch here. So nice with, this is our last day before spring break, so wonderful. And I'm gonna by something today that I wanted for sooo long. So I'm very happy.Here you have my favorite black and white pictures for the moment. I think it's so beautiful in a picture when you only use black and white. Have a nice day guys!

Translation. Godmorgon, måste skynda mig till skolan. Är inte sen men kommer bli de om jag forsätter skriva. Idag blir de lov, härligt. Och jag ska köpa ngt jag längtat länge efter. Älskar de här två bilderna. Inget slår black and white.

Shop until you drop

Flat studs from Panduro 29 crowns. Perfect

White/pink bra from HM 129 crowns. Cutiepie

Vest with decoration from Only 250 crowns. So wonderful

Skinimitation with studs and zippers from Chicy 989 crowns. Love at first sight.

Jeansshorts from jsfn 198 crowns. Going to fix them up with some sandpaper.

The way you told me to

♥ Coat - JC
♥ Bag - Åhlens
♥ Dress - Ellos
♥ Leggings - Gina
♥ Cardigan - Halens
♥ Watch - Uropenn
♥ Necklace - Guldfynd
♥ Earrings - Glitter

Hey guys back from school. Actcully I should have been back eariler but I played on our grand piano at school for an hour, and then I fetched some parcels with some great stuff in it, show you guys later. I know some of you like my new boots, but I still don't know, I think its wrong time of the year to buy winter shoes, you never know the trends for next season this earliy. So I think I'm going to return them to the store. Tomorrow is our last day before spring break, Halleluja moment!

Tillbaka från skolan, stannde kvar och spelade på flygen en timma. Vet inte om jag ska ha kvar stövlarna med fransar. Imorgon är sista dagen innan lovet, halleluja moment!

The morning after

Marcus Ohlsson - Tush

Morning guys,
I'm pretty much late for school this morning too, like every morning. Don't know why, I think it's becamo a very bad habit, but after spring break I'm gonna shape up. I like school, exept for math, so thats not the problem. Anyway, I'm glad that you liked my new shoes, I am a little bit insecure about the boots, don't know If i'm gonna keep them. And hey, for you how wanted to know the store, it's Deichmann and you will found it on Kungsgatan, beside Stadium. I have to run know, but have a super great they guys!

Translation. Godmorgon, försovit mig igen, lyckas för ofta med det. För er som ville veta om skobutiken, de är Deichmann och de ligger på kungsgatan brevid Stadium.

These shoes are made for bying

The first pair of shoes, from my new favorite store Deichmann, they have like everything. I love this shoes, do you want to know why? they are like the maximum copy of my favorite design shoe, cause I couldn't afford the real pair, but these shoes? they are the maximum copy and then I don't care what kind of designer it is. Love for only 340 crowns.

Translation. Nya älsklingar till stövlar from Deichmann, de är en otroligt lik kopia av mina favorit designers skor. De var jätte billiga också, 340 kronor.

And then, The perfect match, this is the missing love on your why to the party, they are perfect for everything. Just fell in love in the second I saw them, they are so beautiful. They look like something Bianco or top shop would sell, but here you don't have to pay your hole fortune, the prize is on unbelievably, 229 crowns, do you believe me? yeah, I had a problem to do that at first to, I just have to say three words, Hallelujah to Dechmann. And the good thing? In mars this most beautiful gladiator sandals will come in, how will boy them? me.

Translation. Ännu en perfect sko från Dechmann, älskar den. Perfekt till allt. Och de bästa av allt, priset. Du kommer inte tro mig men jag betalde bara 229 kronor, de helt osannolikt bra pris.

It feels like home

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Shoes - Dinsko
♥ Bag - Åhlens
♥ Legwarmers - Halens
♥ Necklace - Asos
♥ Watch - Uropenn
♥ Earrings - Glitter
♥ Dress - Vila
♥ Leggings - Ellos

Hey guys, back from school and a short shopping tour at Deichmann shoe, and I found two really nice pair of shoes. But I will show you later. Today we also saw dance production by the dancers in third grade at our school, it was nice to see. Right know I'm tired and I think I'm gonna watch a episode of One tree hill before dinner, maybe watch of my makeup, it feels like paste in my face. If you wanted to know :p. Okay, I will start with a little translation in Swedish for a while, to see, if thats good or not. Maybe some days I switch and the little translation will be in English, but for know you will be able to read my blog in to different language.

Translation. Tillbaka från skolan och en shopping runda, trött ska nog kolla på OTH. Såg dans treornas slutproduktion idag, de var kul. För tillfället kommer de vara möjligt att läsa både på engelska och svenska på bloggen.

SachaJuan Event!

SachaJuan - Root Lift x2
SachaJuan - Conditioner x2
SachaJuan - Colour save shampoo
SachaJuan - Dry hair shampoo

Hey guys, here you have the products/goodiebag from yesterdays event, have to run to school, but I will tell you more about them when I get home. Back again so know I can tell you about what we got. All the things you se in the pictures are both my mums and mine, so that's why thats so many of them. I've written down the names on e pruducts we got to. And you can by SachaJuan at the pharmacy.

Today I'm wearing this

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Cardigan - HM
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Bag - Gina tricot
♥ Jeans - Weekday
♥ Blouse - HM

Hey guys, back from tonights event with my mum. Had a great time, and I learned al lot about Sachajuan´s products, and we all got a yummy sandwich and ramlösa to drink. After the event we all got some great goodiebags with their products in it. I will show you guys tomorrow. I'm tired but I have to see at least two episodes of One tree hill, but I think it's going to me more, I can't stop. Not good at all because I start at school tomorrow around eight, so. haha. But what the heck, I'm young, I will survive. Good night to the rest of you!

Sacha Juan Haircare

Hey guys, right know I'm at my mom's work. Didn't have time to go home between tonights event. We are going to a show for a new hair prodocts, Sacha Juan. They are going to talk about it and serve something to eat too. I have tried their stuff and it really works, you can by Sacha Juan haircare at the phamacy. So I will be home around ten tonight. I think this is going to be really funny. But hey, do you what to know something guys? I've been a bad girl (like everybody) and download the first three sesons of One tree hill, and what do I say? I'm in love. Can't stop watching it, didn't get any sleep until like 03.00 am this morning/night. So tonight, when I come home I will return to my world, the one tree hill world.

English for a month

God morning guys, I'm at school right know, didn't have time this morning to write. Do you know what? Today is exactly one month ago I started to write in English, and I don't know how many people how asked me why. But I still know that my English is not the best, but hey? Don't you understand guys? I'm doing this to learn, and you can't learn if you not bad, so that's something good about it. Yesterday is was ice skating with Fanny, and I put some pictures together, looks cool huh?

Monday dude

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Bag - Åhlens
♥ Dress - Made by me
♥ Leggings - Bikbok
♥ Earrings - Glitter

Hey guys, I've been ice skating with Fanny this afternoon. Cold cold cold but very funny. I think Fanny was more down on the ice then ice skating on it, haha. But like I sad  it was really funny. Fanny is still in my house and right know she is walking around in my new high heels from hm, like a model, haha. But I need to kick her out haha, need to eat something.

Wake up with the voice

Wake up with the voice, good show. But the problem is that I'm watching it to long so I don't have any time left, like know. So I need to hurry upp because I have a dentist time in a half hour, so I really don't have time to blog. But I just wanted to say godmorning and have a nice week.

Somebody else watching wake up with the vocie every morning?

Happy birtday Jackie

question moment about the birtday kid and more.

Birtday cake

Happy birtday Jackie, wish something!

This is the amazing present Jackie got from me. It's the twilight movie I burned it down and actually got it in a real dvd case and printed out the real picture, on the back I change the picture on Bella to Jackie, haha. Cute. And also the twilight book in English. I have to read it in English too, becauce everyone says its better in English. How could that be? its already the best book ever in Swedish.

Then after our coffee moment and question round, time for bowling. It was really fun, exept from the fact that I'm was the one with least points, but hey. I did the first strike so I'm happy. My brother peter on the picture.

Here we have the birtday kid again, bowling.

Birtday girl

Happy birtday to you, happy birtday to you, happy birtday Jacqueline. Happy birtyday to you! Today is Jackies birtday, so we are going to spend our day with her. We are going to have coffee time, bowling and then dinner together. She turns the big 21 today. I have the perfect present, you will se tonight. Have a great day guys!

Valentine gifts

Hey guys, I'm back from Jessica.We just hang out in her house, we saw Bruce Almighty, its a really good movie. Before I go to bed I like to show you some things. This to bags I gave to my parents, inside, candy. I think the look really cutie, that is to say the bags.

And then I got allot of things from my parents. Candy, skaplott? don't know the word in English. Geisha, After eight, tuft, lollipop, earrings and a cutie bear in glass in a little box. I had a great day, so know I think I have to go to bed, tomorrow or today its Jackies birtday, yey. So we are going to have a amazing day tomorrow to celebrate her, and I have the perfect gift for her.

A shopaholics next stop

Hey guys, I hope you are having a great valentine's day. I've been exercising driving with my dad. I also pick up a parcel from hm, with some great stuff in it. And you can see yesterdays shopping as well. First my new lovely shoes from HM. 261 crowns with a discount. Love them. The only thing thats hard, is that the heel is like 15 cm, so its very hard to walk in them and I'm taller then my dad in them, haha.

Then a beautiful dress / tisha from gina tricot for like 149 crowns. The only problem here is that the dress is so fucking loooong, I don't like it that way, don't know If I'm gonna keep it or not. And then a lovely blouse from the hm parcel, its so cutie to a high skirt, 249 crowns I think.

And here you can se my new shoes again and also a new bag from the hm parcel, don't like it at all, the picture don't match with the reality at all. I think it cost like 129 crowns or something. But I'm not gonna keep it.

Two new bra's from hm as well. I've been expecting them for a long time know, so I'm happy, I got the matching panties month ago. I think they cost like 129 crowns each.

Oh, another love again. It's so beautiful so my style. This little bag is so nice for a night out. I love it and I bought it on gina tricot for only 129 crowns, its a keeper. I really think I'm a shopaholic, some girils just call themselves that and they don't seem to know what it means, you are not a shopaholic if you buy something new once a month, thats not a shopoaholic. But I think that maybe I'm starting to become one. Soon time for dinner, then I'm going to spend my evening with my friend jessica.

It's Valentine's day, not mine

Brilliant work with this parody of Twilight, not such a big fan of what they done to the story,
but you can se that theu put an effort to make this. And thats way I wanted to show you guys.

Good morning guys. Today is Valentine's day. Not my favorite holiday. It's not such a fun day for a single person, but I do understand you guys how have someone. Okey, a single person can just spend some time with family and friends, but thats usual for me, Today I'm going to the city to have a lunch with my friend Josefine I'm gonna exercise driving instead, then leater dinner with my family, and then I'm going to spend my evening with my friend Jessica.

Happy valentine's day guys!

My outfit

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scraf - Lindex
♥ Dress - Vila
♥ Jacket - HM
♥ Leggings - Bikbok
♥ Necklace - Guldfynd
♥ Earrings - Glitter

Hey guys, so the birtday party got canceled like ten minutes ago, so thats not fun at all. She is gonna have it next weekend instead. So I'm home tonight watching let's dance, but thats not a problem because I enjoy let's dance. I know that there is problem to visit and make a comment in my blog right know. But the guys are working one the problem. So its not wrong on your computers or anything. Just so you guys know, okey. This is todays outfit.

Zingara waistcoat

This is my new love, found it at only. It'a a perfect copy of the vest from Gina Tricot, that one cost like 599 crowns, but this one only cost 240 crowns. I think I'm going to buy it today in store or maybe online. Today my friend Sara is goning to have her 18th birtday party, so I'm goning to spend my evening at her place. Just so ju guys know. Have great friday!

Stupid fire alarm!

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Bag - Gina Tricot
♥ Shoes - Crete
♥ Dress - Gina
♥ Leggings - Ellos
♥ Neclace - Mum's
♥ Earrings - Glitter

Hey guys, back from school and everything. My knee is so fucked up right know, I don't know what to say, I got a card for the elevator so I don't need to use the stares. But bad luck seems to follow me around, some idiot fucked up the fire alarm so we had to go out, and by go out I mean go down seven flat with a wood leg, I was the last person out I think, haha. Good for me that it just was false alarm (as usual). But I got really pist of, because its not fun at all when you can't walk. Here is my outfit.

Btw, did you know that this year its three friday the 13th? tomorrow, next month and november.

My love is to small

Good morning guys, after my ski trip a parcel with this shoes was waiting for me at home, and I love them. Only one problem, they are to small. And they didn't have in any other sizes, they are so cute, but I cant keep them, they are to small. The shoes came from skobutiken and they cost like 459 crowns I think. Its the same as Kenza has. My knee is much better today, but I cant go in stairs jet, thats a problem today, my school is like only stairs. I have to hurry up, time for school, I over slept again, anyone suprised? didn't think so. have a great day guys.

I Don't Want To Be

Hey guys, my knee still hurts like hell. But I'm still alive. Right know I'm this is the song ringing in my ears, this cover with the little cutiepie Jackson Brundage and Gavin DeGraw, I think is so good, the song is so much better by just the piano. Otherwise this has been a day with much Sex and the city the movie. I've been watching it two times, I think its a good movie. Know I have to fix some things for tomorrow, I need to go to school, but I don't know how, because right now it looks like I'm having a wood leg or something, can't flex it at all.

Therese has a amazing competition right know, and I'm in.

Järvsö ski trip

Hey guys. before I start to write about my ski trip last night I just need you to know something. I'm home today, because on my why home in the bus last night, I just started to feel a strange feeling in my knee, If I tried to bend it, it feeld like I have i knife in my knee. So I can't bend it at all, It hurts like hell If i try to. So I'm kind of stuck. Right know I watching my movie sex and the city, it's a good movie when you are sick.

At 06.15 am the buses started their why up to Järvsö. And the worst part was that we didn't find sits beside each other so I sat all by me self around people I didn't know, it was so boring. And the girl I was planing to sit with moved here as to her other friends and sat with them, so thats was the last time I trusted her. I hate people how cant be a friend when you need them the most. So there I was all by my self for tree whole hours.

Then when we was there I catch up with my friend and then we started to ski, we did some off piste skiing, and I think that's when I hurt my knee. Other some food and more skiing, it was time to go home, after a lovely day in our winter land. Malin had also spend her time being alone in the bus on her way up. So we crashed a double bus with ate sites left, the problem was that we had taken some others sits, but they was so drunk so they didn't care, boys you know. It was allot of empty places so they just took them instead. The people in this bus was so fun to hang around with, we had a great time, and we also got some problems with our bus, so we was stuck for like one hour, but we didn't care, we had so much fun. And thanks to our athletics teacher for his amazing stories in the microphone in front of the bus, and all the other kids how told us their stories.

All my answers to you guys!



Hey guys, I’m so tired after this long long day, but I’m a nice person so here you have. All the answers to your questions. Thanks for all of them! I’m gonna answear the quastions in Swedish, exept for them I got in English. I hope you guys will be satisfied with my answers.


Skostorlek? 39. Vad vill du jobba som? Jag vill antingen hålla på med musiken, eller modeskribent, som jag känner just nu iaf. Hur mkt handlar du för i månaden? De varierar, ibland ett tusen ibland två. Varifrån får du all inspiration? De olika, får mycket inspiration av Mischa Barton, men även Elin Kling. Sen älskar jag Sofis mode, riktigt bra mode tidning. Hur många klänningar har du på ett ungefär? Oj, de för många. Säkert än 50 st. När det gäller kläder & stil, inspireras du av någon speciell person? Mischa Barton. Varför skriver du på engelska? Oj, vet inte hur många ggr per dag jag får denna fråga. Jag är ganska halvtaskig på engelska pga. av att jag började med de i Sexan, pga av att jag gick på svenska stöd på engelska lektionerna. Så jag hoppade bara in med min klass och hade så missat jätte mycket, har aldrig fått hjälp att ta igen de så min grammatik är hemsk. Så jag skriver på engelska för att utveckla mig och lära mig, kommer att skriva under en månads tid (räknat från datumet jag började). Så nu vill jag aldrig mer höra denna fråga, hehe. Har du läsare från andra länder? Ja, de har jag faktiskt, har någon nere i Spanien, sen ganska många i Skandinavien, vad jag känner till dock. Sen kanske de finns några filurare som inte sagt ngt. Hur lång är du och hur mycket väger du? 178 cm lång, 58 kg. Var köper du dina klänningar och tunikor? Blandat, men för de mesta på gina tricot och hm. Har du mycket kompisar och i så fall träffas ni ofta? vad gör ni då? Jag har en hel del kompisar, sen så vad man ska kalla kompisar de är ju en smak sak. Men jag träffar några av mina vänner dom som är mina närmste regelbundet. Ja, vi fikar, slappar, går kanske på bio, träffas allmänt bara. Haft en mysig helg? Den var helt okej. Varför älskar du Twilight? Något speciellt skäl? Jag vet faktiskt inte varför, jag har aldrig gillat att läsa förut, men efter jag varit på världspremiären av Twilight var jag såld, såld på böckerna filmerna, allt. Jag är bara helt enkelt såld, vet inte varför, hehe. Hur gammal är du? 17, blir 18 den 25 juli. Vilken inriktning har du på gymnasiet? Jag går estetisk verksamhet specialutformat program musikal, haha, krångligt värre. Vilka bloggar läser du? Alla som kommenterar min blogg läser jag ofta senaste inlägget och ibland mer. Sen följer jag Elin Kling, Kenza, Ellinorak och kompisars bloggar. Vad tycker du om att blogga mest om? Mode, eller vet inte, haha. Mig själv kanske. Vad är ditt favoritplagg i garderoben? Klänningen! Vad är den mest självsäkra färg på kläder tycker du? Svart. What do you perfer, high heels or no heels at all? I prefer high heels, but I’m not so good useing them myself because I’m already so tall. Favorite time of the year? Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter? Why? Summer, because I love the Sun, and that I don’t need to put on so much clothes. What do you prerfer, to go swim or to ski? Ski, all time. Kenza eller Kissie? Kenza. Hur många besökare per dag har du? De varierar, idag har jag haft drygt fem hundra unika. Vad är det roligaste med att blogga? All postetiv respons och att jag kan läsa tillbaka och se vad jag gjorde tidigare år, sånt jag annars aldrig skulle komma ihåg. Har du några syskon? Japp, två stycken äldre bröder. Vilket är ditt drömresmål? Oj, de svårt. London/L.A. Hur lång var du i 5an? Jag var medelmåttig tills i sexan, då brakade jag iväg, så runt en 1.60 kanske. Favorit blogg? Elin Kling/Kenza. Vad brukar du göra på helgarna? Sova, äta snask, träffa vänner, se på tv, träna. Din favoritlåt? I'll be your lover too med Robert Pattinson. Ska du söka till idol? Troligen. Gillar du djur? Jaa, de gör jag. Haft kanin från bebis tills jag var tio, stor saknad.

Järvsö & question moment

Good morning guys, I'm up before the cock. Today is the day when my school is going to Järvsö to ski. I think its gonna be a fun day and I love to ski. I hope we get good weather. Like last year, just look at the picture, what a perfect weather. I've heard that you guys wanted to have a question moment (and I know it was a long time ago) so here you have one. You have all day long to give me your questions. The bus will be back around ate tonight. So I maybe might have time to answer, otherwise I will do that tomorrow. Have a great day guys!

Question moment, so give me your questions in this contribution

Today this is my outfit

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Leggings - Bikbok
♥ Tisha - Made by me
♥ Cardigan - Ellos
♥ Bag - Gina Tricot
♥ Bamboos - Glitter

Hey guys, back home now. After school I went to intersport to rent ski? don't know the word. Tomorrow my school are going to Järvsö to ski. So I'm going to be gone between like 6 o'clock am to 8 o'clock pm, so I'm gonna have a question moment for you guys all day long. So you can just send me in all your questions tomorrow and then I can answer it tomorrow night or on Wednesday. Here you have todays outfit, its a simple one, but I like it that way. PS. I'm gonna take my camera with me for tomorrow so I can show you guys pictures from the ski trip later on.

Twilight Bubble

Hey guys, I over slept again, not good at all. Last night I was reading twilight for like 2.5 hours. From eleven to like almost two o'clock. But When I'm reading it, I'm in a bubble, forget about everything else. Just so you guys know, I have read it before, but Its so good so I wanted to read it again. I have to hurry up know, time for school, I have already misted to lessons so. Have a great day!

City shopping

A new jacket from HM, This is the third time I buy this jacket, every time in different colors first white then grey know black. But I love the black one, Its easy to wear because you can match it with anything, 498:- HM.

And this is for my ski trip on Tuesday, its not a cap, its more for your forehead, can't explain it. But I look stupid in a cap so this will be better, 99:- Stadium.

And then also we bought balsam and shampoo parcel from Catwalk. Its the best one I ever been using. I can really recommend it, and its so heaped, we only buy new to times a year. And we are two persons how share this. 299:- in a hair lounge on drottningatan.

 Today me and my mum have been shopping, a mother and daughter day. I didn't find so much, but my mother did so I'm happy for her. All the fashion store are still full with sale's stuff, so its not so much of the spring fashion there jet. Me and my mum ate a yummy lunch at Jensen. Know I'm gonna use my new shampoo and balsam, have a nice evening guys.

I'm a young soul

Hey guys! I'm back from a cold cold and even more cold photoshooting with Fanny. We took some awesome pictures, and here you can see some of them. We both yearn to the spring and summer, because then you can shoot and shoot and never have to worry about your cold feet. Tonight I'm gonna hit the cinema to watch twilight for the third time yey, this time with my friend Jessica, I hope. Otherwise this has been a sedate day, just the way I like it.

Update. no twilight, so dissipointed! Watching melodifestivlen right know,
and all the songs sucks, the only one I like is the one with Emilia. Oh, as usual.

New Soul cover by me

Hey guys, tonight I discovered a new song I never heard of before, but thanks to Emilia for the tip, and I fell in love. So in like two hours I tried to learn the lyrics and the song as good as it can be - in a two hours preparation. So here you have the result. And just so you know, this is my own way to perform this song, so Its not like a hundred procent like the original. Just so you know. I love this song and I think I'm gonna record it maybe again some day when I know the lyric and the song better. But here you have it guys, enjoy!

No clue what to record

Now Let´s Dance starts, but before that. I just need you guys. I need songs tip. What do you guys want me to sing? I have like no clue what to record. So I need you to bomb me with yours ideas.

Update. Oh have mercy! You have given me so much new songs that
I love and will record. Thanks everyone you're the best!

Wall to wall

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Bag - Gina tricot
♥ Dress - Halens
♥ Leggings - Ellos
♥ Earrings - Glitter
♥ Necklase - Oasis
♥ Necklase - Mum's

Hey guys, back from school. Its so nice that the weekend is here. Its been a hard week, and I really need some spare time. Tonight I'm just gonna lay low and watch Let´s Dance, tomorrow I'm gonna hit the cinema to watch twilight again with a friend or go to a birtdayparty.  And then on sunday I'm going to the city to have a motheranddougther day with my mum and the only anwear to that is shopping, shopping and even more shopping. Right know Chris Brown crach my loudspeakers with hes song wall to wall. Have a nice evening guys!

Twilight Notebook

This intimate look at the making of Summit Entertainment’s film follows visionary director Hardwicke through the creative process twilight. Designed to replicate the director’s own personal notebook that she kept on set, readers will discover the inside secrets on casting, location scouting and wardrobe to storyboard sketches, behind-the-scenes photographs, personal notes about Catherine’s favorite scenes and much more. I really want this, I hope it comes to Swedish bookstores as well. School starts around one aclock today, so nice. But I'm getting there erlier for some lunch. Have a dubble great day guys!

Always been, always will

Today I had a free period so I took the train to the city to do some errands. And as usual, I bought something. I went to the store glitter and I saw these beautiful earrings, I've always loved bamboos, always will. I think they are timeless. Cheap to, only 79 crowns. Have mercy!

And then also my new lovely leggings from bikbok. I've been looking for them a long time, so now I'm happy. I think zippers are so cool, and I really like that trend. Someones says that zippers are on there way out of trend, but I think it's ridiculous, its such a nice detail trend, loveit. And they were cheap too, only 140 crowns. Me ♥ cheap. Have a nice evening guys, I have sleepmorning tomorrow, haha, don´t know the world, so mu schedule starts 13.00. yey.

Studs is my new thing, I think.

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Shoes - Din sko
♥ Bag - Åhlens
♥ Dress - Gina
♥ Vest - Made by me
♥ Tights - Åhlens
♥ Neclase - Guldfynd
♥ Bracelace - Made by me
♥ Bracelce - Crete

Hey guys, around four I turned one my TV to see one tree hill, instead of that, creepy gillmore girls shows up. I send an angry email to kanal5, but I only got answers to half of my questions. And one tree hill now will be at Sundays around five. Then after that I fell asleep on my sofa,I sleept for three hours. So now I'm awake again. I'm like this little baby, sleeps in the afternoons. I'm glad that you liked my new vest. I think it turned out looking so good. Now I need to eat dinner. As an end of this contribution - this is my outfit for today.

Pimp my vest

Start with some nice flat studs. I bought mine on glitzit

Then you need textileglue to attach them with on your vest

Place them out were you like. So you have some kind of template to go after.

My vest is now finish and I love it. Decor something by your self makes something boring to look amazing

I got my ideas from bikboks vest with studs, but it cost like 600 crowns, and I think its way to much. So I tought - lets decor my own. Its a little bit tricky with the glue so I used a needele to dip in the glue and then put it under the studs. I had it on drying for like 6 hours so the studs had time to dry. Right now I'm in school, I have to hurry upp because my dance lesson starts now.

Shopping by hm

Hey guys, tonight I ordered some stuff from HM. So much spring news, I wish I was a rich girl. I love the shoes, I'm like 177 cm tall but what the heck, I love them and I'm gonna wear them, even if I'm going to be 190 cm tall. And then this lovely blouse, I think its so cute to a high skirt. And then "the bag" everyone blogs about it and I really like it. I got a thing for zippers, fringes and rivets. Btw I have fix up my black vest from veromoda with some rivets, It looks so cool. I'm gonna show you tomorrow, love it. But know I'm gonna take something to eat, then go to bed. God night guys!

Infallible foundation

Okey, yesterday I bought my one infallible foundation, okey, infallible was a little bit exaggerated. But its a good one, really like it. And for my and the rest out there, Its perfekt for those how have pimples because it cover it very well. So I like it. But the 16 hrs thing, I don´t now, Its probably the best one I've been using in a long time, so I really recommend it.

Misery Business

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Shoes - Skopunkten
♥ Leggings - Ellos
♥ Scarf - HM
♥ Dress - Gina Tricot
♥ Bag - Halens
♥ Jacket/cardigan - HM
♥ Legwarmings?! - Lindex
♥ Necklase - Guldfynd
♥ Earings - Bamboo

Hey Guys, back from school and now One tree hill starts, yey. Had a nice day at school, not so much to say about it. I tired from last night and I didn´t went to my last lesson today, to tired. So thats why I'm home all ready. I'm having a lazy outfit today, so don´t look at it. or something. But I'm tired as hell and I'm gonna watch OTH then sleep on my sofa. Btw, this girl Emelie has a amazing competition right now.

The happiness musical

Caroline and Madde are doing some gymnastics exercises.

Me, Caroline and Madde, I'm the white one in the family, haha.

From the musical, had to do some changes with the picture because it was to dark. Madde, Me and Caroline!

All togheter on stage in the end.

Oh, such a lovely tought from the teacthers, we all got one rose after on stage.

Hey guys, back home know. Had a wonderful day with two musical shows, one at 12am and the other aorund 18.30 pm. I think we all did a wonderful job and we should be proud of eachother. I'm very tired but and the same time full with energi. I don´t know why, maybe because I ddn´t have the change to really relax these days. But now I feel relived. Thanks to my family and grandfather and grandmother how showed up to se my musical. Now i need a looong shower and somthing to eat. Hope you guys are having a nice evening.

Once again into impossible love

Goood morning guys! I'm up and i'm late, habit-forming huh. Today is our opening show day. 12 am is the first one for our school, and then leater 18.30 pm for friends and family. I hope for the best. I started to reed Twilight again, its such a good book and I love it. So i''m in the impossible love bubble right know. I have to hurry up know, to much to do, less time to do it. Have a really nice day guys!

Fringe my right back

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Shoes - Crete
♥ Bag - Gina Tricot
♥ Dress - HM
♥ Cardigan - Gina
♥ Necklace - Ms bijoux

Hey guys, a very long day at school today. Tomorrow is the opening night on our mini musical, so we have been practicing all afternoon until like 16.30 pm, so I'm really tired, and I have homework too. We have to wear black on our musical so that's why my outfit is so boring. But I love my new bag from gina tricot, I love fringes. I hope you guys have a great start on your week. Tonight it's prison break, but don´t now if I have the strength to stay up until then. Now I have to eat something.

I bought this yesterday

Linen from gina tricot 129 crowns.

This wonderful bag with fringes. From Gina tricot 199 crowns

And this one too, I'm not sure if i'm gonna keep this one. From Lindex 299 crowns

Hey guys, time for bed. I have spend my evening by watching my love twilight and now also full house. Yesterday I bought this stuff when I was on a mini tour at the mall. I don´t have so much to say, but it has been a great weekend. A perfect one. I hope you guys had a great one too. Gooood night!


Me and Jackie on our way to the event.

Spotlife had done a amazing work with the adorn in the local.

Nice company at the table, here Alexandra with her boyfriend Rickard.

Jackie and me

Hey guys, I'm up. I have been spending my afternoon in my sofa watching Lets dance and help. But I didn´t get up until like two I think, and like yesterday I have my reasons, went to bed around five so, haha. Right know I'm eating noodles toodles, cheap and tasty. Now about the evening with spotlife. I had a really fun night. We started around seven with some mingle, and then around ate Italian buffet, tasty as hell. And I had the nicest company Jackie, Alexandra with company and Amanda with company. And don´t forget frallan! Buy the time we had finish our dinner Pontus did some stand up things, If you ignore one person how had to much to drink we had a really fun night. Around eleven it was release for friends and others but like maximum 20 people of that 120 how supposed to come, came so. I think its insolent to don´t show up if your on a cogent list. But all creds to spotlife,they arrange a lovely evening.

Tonight with spotlife

♥ Jacket - Gina tricot
♥ Shoes - Dinsko
♥ Dress - Gina tricot
♥ Leggings - Lindeex
♥ Watch - Uropenn
♥ Associates - Random

Hey guys! back from our dinner/party evening with spotlife. I had a really fun night and I spend my evening with the nicest persons. I'm not tired at all, but I think I have to go to bed now. But it was a really nice evening, and thanks to the spotlife crew for everything. I can tell you more about the night tomorrow, and show you some cutie pictures. God night!

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