My other blog about Rob

Hey guys, I want to tell you about my other blog, some of you already know but I want to make sure that everyone knows. Its a blog about Robert Pattinson, it's kind of a test blog, don't know for sure if I'm going to have it forever, I'm gonna test it a wile and se if they are any intrest in reading it. So it's up to you guys. So here you can find it, or just click on the picture and you will get there.

Translation. Tänkte berätta om min andra blogg, den om Robert Pattinson, vet inte om alla känner till den, iaf. Här har ni den, besök den gärna. De lite av en test blogg just nu, finns inget intresse bland er läsare att läsa den så är det ingen mening. Så de up till er. Klicka på bilden om ni vill till bloggen. Nu ska jag iväg och gå på bio och se twilight!

OBS:!! från och med på fredag kommer man inte kunna använda! den sidan kommer låsas av och jag kommer inte kunna uppdatera där. Men eftersom jag bloggar för spotlife nu och har gjort de i ett år så håller de på att utforma en helt ny platt form. Så länge ni bara använder så kommer inga problem uppstå för er. Så använd inte gamla adressen bara den nya

Late morning today

Good morning guys, you probably know why I'm not awake until know, Oscars last night was fantastic, and I don't regret at all watching it until 06.05 am. But know this day is almost over, haha. I have to look trough some homework stuff today, but I can't find the papers, It just hit me that I have allot to do, and it's not right. I hate the Swedish school system. I'm probably going to watch some episodes of One tree hill too, but first I need to find my home work papers and look them trough. Hope your having a great day.

Translation. Ni vet säkert varför jag inte gått upp förens nu, oscars galan var fantastisk och jag ångrar inte att jag stannade uppe tills 06.05 imorse. Måste plugga lite idag, har för mkt plugg, hatar svenska skol systemet. Ska även se några OTh avsnitt.

Snow all over the place

Snow snow snow, I did a snowlantern today.

It's so beautiful when it's dark outside

So much snow, it's so nice when the snow is laying down on the trees.

Tree in the sky, almost. Snow all over the place

Hey guys, today has been a calm nice day. Spend some time with my mum, right know we are watching DH, it's a really great show. Exept from doing a snowlantern and watching DH I've been working allot on my design on my new blog. A blog just about Robert Pattinson, I think it's looks really good and I'm gonna enjoy it so much. If you like Robert visit my blog here. Tonight it's Oscars adwards and I'm going to watch it, Robert it's going to divide a award, 23.55 is the time to remember if you want to see it, and cannel nine. Have a great night!

Translation. Idag har varit en lugn dag, spenderat tid med mamma. Just nu ser vi på desperata hemmafurar, har även gjort en snölykta. Förutom de har jag jobbat jättemycket på min nya design på min nya blogg om Robert Pattinson, den första bloggen om honom på svenska. Gillar ni honom, spana in min blogg. Ikväll är de oscars galan, sjävklart ska jag kolla, Robert ska dela ut pris. 23.55 börjar det, kanal9. Ha en trevlig kväll!

Nothing beat black and white

Good morning guys, have to run to school. I'm not late, but I will be if write to mutch here. So nice with, this is our last day before spring break, so wonderful. And I'm gonna by something today that I wanted for sooo long. So I'm very happy.Here you have my favorite black and white pictures for the moment. I think it's so beautiful in a picture when you only use black and white. Have a nice day guys!

Translation. Godmorgon, måste skynda mig till skolan. Är inte sen men kommer bli de om jag forsätter skriva. Idag blir de lov, härligt. Och jag ska köpa ngt jag längtat länge efter. Älskar de här två bilderna. Inget slår black and white.

The morning after

Marcus Ohlsson - Tush

Morning guys,
I'm pretty much late for school this morning too, like every morning. Don't know why, I think it's becamo a very bad habit, but after spring break I'm gonna shape up. I like school, exept for math, so thats not the problem. Anyway, I'm glad that you liked my new shoes, I am a little bit insecure about the boots, don't know If i'm gonna keep them. And hey, for you how wanted to know the store, it's Deichmann and you will found it on Kungsgatan, beside Stadium. I have to run know, but have a super great they guys!

Translation. Godmorgon, försovit mig igen, lyckas för ofta med det. För er som ville veta om skobutiken, de är Deichmann och de ligger på kungsgatan brevid Stadium.

It feels like home

♥ Jacket - Wacko
♥ Scarf - Lindex
♥ Shoes - Dinsko
♥ Bag - Åhlens
♥ Legwarmers - Halens
♥ Necklace - Asos
♥ Watch - Uropenn
♥ Earrings - Glitter
♥ Dress - Vila
♥ Leggings - Ellos

Hey guys, back from school and a short shopping tour at Deichmann shoe, and I found two really nice pair of shoes. But I will show you later. Today we also saw dance production by the dancers in third grade at our school, it was nice to see. Right know I'm tired and I think I'm gonna watch a episode of One tree hill before dinner, maybe watch of my makeup, it feels like paste in my face. If you wanted to know :p. Okay, I will start with a little translation in Swedish for a while, to see, if thats good or not. Maybe some days I switch and the little translation will be in English, but for know you will be able to read my blog in to different language.

Translation. Tillbaka från skolan och en shopping runda, trött ska nog kolla på OTH. Såg dans treornas slutproduktion idag, de var kul. För tillfället kommer de vara möjligt att läsa både på engelska och svenska på bloggen.

English for a month

God morning guys, I'm at school right know, didn't have time this morning to write. Do you know what? Today is exactly one month ago I started to write in English, and I don't know how many people how asked me why. But I still know that my English is not the best, but hey? Don't you understand guys? I'm doing this to learn, and you can't learn if you not bad, so that's something good about it. Yesterday is was ice skating with Fanny, and I put some pictures together, looks cool huh?

Wake up with the voice

Wake up with the voice, good show. But the problem is that I'm watching it to long so I don't have any time left, like know. So I need to hurry upp because I have a dentist time in a half hour, so I really don't have time to blog. But I just wanted to say godmorning and have a nice week.

Somebody else watching wake up with the vocie every morning?

I Don't Want To Be

Hey guys, my knee still hurts like hell. But I'm still alive. Right know I'm this is the song ringing in my ears, this cover with the little cutiepie Jackson Brundage and Gavin DeGraw, I think is so good, the song is so much better by just the piano. Otherwise this has been a day with much Sex and the city the movie. I've been watching it two times, I think its a good movie. Know I have to fix some things for tomorrow, I need to go to school, but I don't know how, because right now it looks like I'm having a wood leg or something, can't flex it at all.

Therese has a amazing competition right know, and I'm in.

Twilight Bubble

Hey guys, I over slept again, not good at all. Last night I was reading twilight for like 2.5 hours. From eleven to like almost two o'clock. But When I'm reading it, I'm in a bubble, forget about everything else. Just so you guys know, I have read it before, but Its so good so I wanted to read it again. I have to hurry up know, time for school, I have already misted to lessons so. Have a great day!

I'm a young soul

Hey guys! I'm back from a cold cold and even more cold photoshooting with Fanny. We took some awesome pictures, and here you can see some of them. We both yearn to the spring and summer, because then you can shoot and shoot and never have to worry about your cold feet. Tonight I'm gonna hit the cinema to watch twilight for the third time yey, this time with my friend Jessica, I hope. Otherwise this has been a sedate day, just the way I like it.

Update. no twilight, so dissipointed! Watching melodifestivlen right know,
and all the songs sucks, the only one I like is the one with Emilia. Oh, as usual.

No clue what to record

Now Let´s Dance starts, but before that. I just need you guys. I need songs tip. What do you guys want me to sing? I have like no clue what to record. So I need you to bomb me with yours ideas.

Update. Oh have mercy! You have given me so much new songs that
I love and will record. Thanks everyone you're the best!

Once again into impossible love

Goood morning guys! I'm up and i'm late, habit-forming huh. Today is our opening show day. 12 am is the first one for our school, and then leater 18.30 pm for friends and family. I hope for the best. I started to reed Twilight again, its such a good book and I love it. So i''m in the impossible love bubble right know. I have to hurry up know, to much to do, less time to do it. Have a really nice day guys!

The day after

At Saras place, Sara is fixing her makeup, I took the photo.

Isabelle and me at Saras place

Sara, Isabelle and me.

Patrik, Bella, Arvid and Isabelle

Hello guys, I'm up now. I went to bed last night around tree so. Now good at all. But I wasn´t home until like two so I have my reasons. And Bella lives across the town so I had a long long way back to my place. Last night was great. Thanks to my wonderful friend Bella. I love here house, its like one in the OC. Jealus of her! Here you have some pictures from last night. I was a bad photographer, so I didn' t have to many to choose between. Now I'm heeding of to the mall for some last minute stuff for my evening. Its a evening I will spend with my spotlife family, the blog company. and also my friend Jackie.

I have a dream

I have a dream, actually I have many dreams, thats my problem. But I think I'm gonna find my way, I'm like 99.9 procent sure that I'm moving to London next year, thats a very big step. I'm going to be honest with you guys, the musical program I'm study right know, it´s not what I expected. I overslept bigtime, so I have to hurry up know. See you later after school.

Saying, 'Oh, please

Its a cold rainy day, thats why we had a photoshoot. No kidding, but. We had one, me and my friend Fanny had one of our famous photoshooting. And by the time we were finish our feet was like icepieces, but here you have the result of the photoshoot in the rain. Poor camera, complete wet. Sunday right? Yeah, have a nice one.

Good morning

Goood morning guys! I have a decision anxiety when it comes to clothes, okey when it comes to allot of things. But now I have a outfit and I will show you guys later. Now its time for school, and its projects day, all third students are showing us their projects, and it could be everything, like a musical, a dance show a video, anything. This will be a fun day! and we wind up around two so thats nice, usually we wind up around five, so I'm happy. Have a nice day guys!

Musical here, and musical there

Good morning, today we are having like a second performance show on our kid musical, this time for family and friends, so I will be in school all day and also tonight playing the musical, I don´t really like it, because we did our opening night in december, so its so long time ago and you don´t have the feeling for this character you play anymore, because we have started like to brand new projects and you try to focus but its so much at the same time. btw today at 12.50 am Robert Pattinson will be Ellen Degeneres show, don´t miss it. I will be in school, but I will record it. The picture is from a photoshoot I did with Jennie last year, she is the photographer, I'm the model. Have a good day guys!

Sunday shop in skhlm

Good morning guys, last night my plan didn´t turn out as I wanted so I was home. I moved my furniture around a bit, and you can see the result in the pictures. I did my book of inspiration and I love it, I'm going to put pictures inside with stuff I like, and then I can take ideas from there when I'm going to sew. Ah, right now I cant express myself at all in English, but I really need to practice. It takes twice the time to publish a contribution in English than in Swedish. Today we are going to skhlm, its a shopping mall across the town, but my peak performance jacket is there, waiting for me, haha. And they have renovated the mall so it´s going to be fun. Have a really nice Sunday guys!

I call her inspiration

Hey guys. Right know I'm reading Mischa Barton´s blog, its inspiration. Its so nice to finally get to know her as she really is, not the person magazines makes her look like. I can do two things at the same time so I'm also listening to Amy winehouse´s song Valerie, its so good and I think I'm going to do a cover on that this weekend, maybe I share it with you guys. Btw, Laila was so amazing tonight, she looks so professional when she dance, I think she is going to win lets dance 2009, but enough about that. I hope you guys are having a nice evening and tomorrow I'm going to hit the cinema with a friend and watch Bride Wars. I just want you to know that my English is so bad, but I really need to practice so I'm going to write in English now for a while, just to practice. So If I'm writing something thats doesn´t makes any sense, tell me. Sleep tight!

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